Craft Ciders and Meads

Flagship Ciders

Our flagship line of ciders are available year round. These are the ones that started the beginning of the end. All our ciders are made with real juice and real fruit and spices.



abv 6-6.9% | Semi Dry Traditional hard Apple cider.

Between humiliation or exile, Hannibal of Carthage chose to self-exile himself rather than give the Roman’s the satisfaction of surrender. In the same manner, we hope that you will cast your tongue away from other subpar ciders, and join the exiled in greatness.

What to expect

The taste of a traditional hard cider. Strong but sweet apple taste throughout with a crisp finish that leaves sweet apples on your tongue.



abv 7-7.9% | Sweet Made with honey and Trappist YEast

Few can claim that they have been resurrected. Jesus did it. Achilles did it. Lazarus did it. After trying our refreshing cider, you can count your tongue among them. Bring it back from the underworld of swill ciders and embrace the resurrection of your taste buds.

What to expect

A wonderful eruption of semi-sweet apple with a crisp orange blossom honey finish. You’ll feel a slight tickle on your tongue as your taste buds are resurrected to what a truly good hard cider is.

Cider-Ida's Heart

Ida’s Heart

abv 6-6.9% | Semi Dry Tart Raspberry Hard Cider

To ease Zeus’ cries as a child his nurse wife, Ida, went searching for a sweet, yet slightly tart, pale white berry on the mountainside nearby. As she pricked her finger in the bramble bush to retrieve it, her blood forever altered the berry, transforming it from frost white to blood red. In this same vein, we know that Ida’s heart will forever transform your tongue, leaving you wanting nothing but the best cider, brewed with the berries that could placate a god.

What to expect

A sweet yet tart raspberry start with a smooth apple finish. The lingering taste of raspberries will leave you pining for more.



abv 6-6.9% | Sweet hard Apple cider made with NJ Blueberries

Apples were long ago considered a forbidden fruit. Yet man’s desire for them was so strong it caused The Fall. Today, though, apples are pretty ordinary. So we’ve added blueberry to our sweet apple cider to really ratchet up the temptation level. For a cider this good, you may just pass on Eden.

What to expect

A subtle yet noticeable blueberry burst on the tip of your tongue the moment you taste it, followed by a pleasant, almost candy like sweetness that ends with the flavor of apples and leaves you asking yourself why you’ve never had anything this good before.





abv 7-7.9% | Sweet Cranberry Cider w/ orange peel and True Cinnamon

An occurrence seen in many mythologies and histories of the world is a great deluge. One that brings about fundamental change to the world. Cataclysm is a cider that will change the world you knew about hard beverages.

What to expect

A tart and biting cranberry flavor will flood your tongue, leaving a crisp apple finish when the great flood recedes. Get washed away in a torrent of tart and sweet with this cranberry Cataclysm.