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Our Story

Armageddon Brewing was started by three guys in 2011 that loved craft beer. Being the curious and hands on fellows that we are, we tried our hand at homebrewing. After years of learning and many successes (and failures), we had gotten pretty good at it, well, better than we were anyway! Throughout this time, we would keep seeing ciders pop up in our research (a.k.a. bar hopping.) Having tasted what was available, we weren’t impressed. Through our constant strive to attain greatness we thought we’d try our hand at it. Turns out cider doesn’t have to taste like swill, nor does it have to taste like liquid candy.

What makes us great

Quality is paramount to us. Not just the quality of our finished product, but also the ingredients that go into it. We use the best ingredients we can; organic and local when possible, and free trade when not. We don’t back sweeten or add any artificial sweetener to our cider and you won’t find any added sulfites or unnatural preservatives in it.

We use the best ingredients we can because we make this cider for ourselves and the people we love. If we don’t think it’s great, we wouldn’t make it.